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Keep Song is a free Chrome browser extension which enables you to download mp3 music from SoundCloud in one click. Keep Song will embed a download button beside all music and playlists on SoundCloud, once clicked your download will begin. You can view download progress, play music and more from the menu.

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Download one song, or an entire playlist from SoundCloud

Save unlimited full quality MP3 files directly from SoundCloud

Full Quality MP3 Files

Save MP3 files from SoundCloud right to your computer's downloads folder. If the MP3 file is unavailable it will download in WAV format.

Unlimited Free Downloads

Unlimited high-speed downloads are served to you from the SoundCloud servers through your web browser, no third party connections needed.

Single Songs and Full Playlists

Whether it's a single track or a thousand song Dubstep playlist our SoundCloud Music Downloader will get the job done for you.

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See the SoundCloud Music Downloader Chrome browser extension by Keep Song™ in action.

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